DREAMLAND presents a surreal and darkly comedic vision of the last days of jazz legend Chet Baker in a nameless Italian city, populated by prostitutes, street urchins and diabolical underworld kingpins


CHET needs cash, heroin, and a trumpet – in that order. After a lifetime of hard living, the legendary jazz trumpeter is broke, yet surrounded by opulence as guest of honor at the villa of the mysterious and paranoid COUNTESS VACCA AGUSTA. 

Due to perform that evening, Chet sets out into the city in search of a fix. After pawning his trumpet for heroin, he finds himself in over his head after ripping off the local underworld kingpin, HERCULES, who sends DAMON, a pragmatic hitman with a familiar face, to deal with Chet.

Meanwhile, DAMON feels it’s time to quit the business. With little orphaned DARIO beginning to follow in his footsteps, Damon begins to understand the importance of an innocent life. His decision to quit killing leads to a high-stakes bargain with Hercules: one last job for the lives of Dario and his dying sister OLIVIA, who has been sold to become the bride of a local vampire.

His sudden change of heart affects Damon’s work and he allows Chet to run rampant, angering Hercules into kidnapping Dario and taking him to the Countess’ castle, where Hercules intends to put an end to Chet’s and Damon once and for all.

As night falls, the Castle villa erupts in a blood-soaked showdown – all set to Chet’s haunting trumpet melody.

WRITER: Tony Burgess

DIRECTOR: Bruce McDonald