Edison and Leo
Directed by: Neil Burns
Written By: Daegan Fryklind & George Toles

Canada's first stop motion animated feature...

In your typical family, the father is not a magnetic, amoral and womanizing genius, the deceased mother is not immortalized by a forty foot metallic replica, the youngest son does not have electricity literally crackling through his veins, and the older son – together with his robotic wiener dog Pickle - does not pledge to overthrow the entire family order. The Edison family, however, is far from typical…

George T. Edison is a man obsessed with progress and invention, and the conquest of all knowledge that the world has to offer. So complete is his obsession that it allows him to lie to himself, his family, and to justify his own destructive, yet entertaining, behavior. When his youngest son Leo, himself a victim of his father’s inventions, meets his first love Zella, she challenges him to discover the truth about himself and his father. Leo, who has an electrical charge constantly running through his veins due to a tragic accident in his Dad’s laboratory, must learn to control the power inside of him and then confront a truly ‘larger than life’ father.

Shot in Stop Motion animation, “Edison and Leo” is a wildly emotional and sumptuous ‘fairytale-gone-wrong’ about inventor George T Edison, his electrified son Leo and one fully charged coming of age story.



STARRING: Powers Boothe, Gregory Smith, and Carly Pope

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