A pilot who delivers supplies to tribes in the backwoods of the Canadian north is implored to escort a sick young Inuit woman to a hospital. On the flight back, the plane's engine fail and they crash in the wastelands.

Rescuers are unable to locate them and the two are left to struggle for their survival. The ailing woman thus teaches the hot-headed pilot the way to live in these regions.

THE SNOW WALKER is at once epic and intimate.  It is the extraordinary story of two people struggling to survive the unforgiving elements of the Canadian Arctic.  It is a riveting tale of love, survival, and redemption.  THE SNOW WALKER is based on the short story, “Walk Well My Brother” by celebrated Canadian author, Farley Mowat, and is written and directed by Charles Martin Smith, who starred in the classic film adaptation of another Mowat novel, “Never Cry Wolf”, 20 years earlier.  THE SNOW WALKER was produced by Rob Merilees and William Vince.

DIRECTED BY: Charles Martin Smith

WRITTEN BY: Charles Martin Smith

STARRING: Barry Pepper, James Cromwell and Annabella Piugattuk

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