Mr. Butterscotch

Like the demented love child of Hunter S. Thompson and Mother Teresa strapped into a caffeine fueled clown car and driving head-on into the wreckage of the music industry, Paul Shull a.k.a. Mr. Butterscotch has managed some of the greatest rock and roll spectacles in music history. Where the rubber meets the road, reality gets bent. Mr. Butterscotch is to be held accountable for flooding your living room with the wildest aspects of rock n' roll today.

Mr. Butterscotch is on a global mission of discovery to find the next great act of the rock age. The music industry is a twisted heap of failed visions, burnt offerings and bit-torrent crushed careers. Music no longer sells. Failure is never an option for Mr. Butterscotch and his crusade will not end until he proves victorious. Armed with the stimulant fed conviction of the true believer, Mr. Butterscotch must find industry immortality by signing the next great act that saves the biz.

Viewers are granted an all access pass, a front row seat to the ever-changing madness, magic and mayhem of the music industry. From Austin to Berlin, Los Angeles to Latvia, week by week his search unfolds in the most influential rock cities on the planet. Witness the deals and dealmakers, the Players and the Played in a high-stakes rush to grab the glory with the very best new music has to offer. For Mr. Butterscotch, big money, massive risk and missing trousers are just a few ingredients of a typical day on the road.

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