Lucy’s sixteenth birthday party turns sour when she insults The Untouchables, the meanest group of bitches in high school.  


Lucy is now #1 on their social hitlist, but the mean girls start to experience strange “plagues” that mirror the 10 Egyptian Plagues from the Bible.  The afflictions also seem to tie in to their personal teenage vices -- eating disorders, alcoholism and casual sex turn deadly. 

Lucy fears she is the one behind all of these supernatural occurrences and must face the freaky premonition from her childhood that seems to be coming true: she is to become the devil’s disciple when she turns 16…   Then there’s the bizarre amount of attention that she has suddenly started receiving from high school heartthrob Homer.  Does he somehow know the answers to Lucy’s secret destiny?

 As the Untouchables encounter their deadly fates one by one, they begin to formulate a plan to get the ultimate revenge on Lucy…