We Shine the Spotlight on MOTIVE’s Tenacious Detective Kristin Lehman

Latest News, Breaking News - Posted by The TV Addict on July 11, 2013

Introducing one of this summer’s intriguing new police dramas, ABC debuted the new Canadian series MOTIVE starring Kristin Lehman, who plays Detective Angie Flynn.  The twist of the series is that it introduces the killer and the victim right away and then slowly ties their stories together to show how even normal people get caught up in events beyond their control.  How circumstances can make literally anyone a murder.  For Detective Flynn, digging into each crime reveals the crucial link of motive.  What drives people to do what they do and at what point does it drive them to commit a crime of such a serious nature.  In a recent exclusive interview, Kristin Lehman candidly shared her thoughts on what drives her character and what she most admires about this kind of intriguing role. 

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